Friday, February 10, 2012

my little valentine.

well folks... love day is comin up. so i wanted to do a valentine shoot of my little man :)
and boy do i love them:) we had so much fun together this day. laughing up a storm.
As smart as i am... i didnt think twice about van not being able to balance on a hill... i set him down while holding balloons. he starts falling/running down this huge hill in the middle of the mountains... so i chase him down...and right as i get ahold of him... bye bye balloons. not one picture with the balloons. so...out came the big sucker. so here i am trying to get him to balance on this hill while holding a huge sucker and say cheese all at the same time... dont ya wish ya coulda seen that;) anywho.......... i have the cutest valentine on the block. just so yall know;)

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