Tuesday, December 20, 2011

holly jolly christmas.

A BIG post of what weve been up to SO FAR :) this holiday season... lots more to come;)

annual ugly sweater party:)

o you know... just practicin their cheerleading;)

We borrowed our fabulous sweaters from a friend of mine. $100 dolla each. yup. you heard right. that is how much she purchased these bad boys for;) and they were well worth every penny if ya ask me :) ha o and the pic on the right...that is landon.with thee white panther. he feeds him well.

annual girls pic.

annual bff pic. they love eachother:)


van loooooooves santa this year. NOT.

But he sure does love his presents...:) duh.

making lots and lots and lots of christmas candy at grams:)

best buds:)

Burr Family christmas party:)

gingerbread houses.....take 1

gingerbread houses take 2:)

givin g.pa burr some lovin:)

our little soloists...

Van just loves his Uncle Braden and Aunt Aubrey:)

o ya.... and landon now has a mustache. ;) someone please please tell him NO.

Friday, December 16, 2011

warm winter days.

Lovin the warm winter days... but we just cant wait for the snow!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


loved this. thought Id share;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a little family lovin.

Its almost chriStmas break. therefore I gotta catch up and post a little somethin from thanksgiving break. We spent the day at provo beach resort with the beloved fam. Had a grand ol time:) LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it when everyone comes home for the holidays. And they all come home again this week:) cant wait!

the girls.


us gals did the ropes coarse....while...

the boys golfed:)

then we let the boy play:)

right after this pic was taken...he pushed this ball(which is hangin from the ceiling) so of coarse it comes right back at him and knocks him to the ground! we had a good laugh over that one haha poor kid.

he couldnt get anymore lovin from his aunt b and a. they follow him around like little puppy dogs:). its thee cutest thing. love that they love him so much:)
Now bring on the snow...goodies...parties...family get togethers...and presents...were ready for christmas! :)