Thursday, June 26, 2008


the things i do to entertain both myself and my husband while he is at work haha


so... this is a recent story of my champ of a little sister :)
im estimating about 2 months ago, it was the PGHS prom. which my little sis was attending. her date ssshhteve, and his friends decided for the "day date" they would go up the canyon to play games and go long boarding... so... the action begins, "red rover red rover send brandie right over"... she chooses the weakest links, (so she thought):) and bolts towards them. they all collapse, a CRACK... a sharp knee jabbing her leg right below the knee... not thinking too much of this. they hop on their long boards, and the poor child crashes. then wearing heels all night at the dance comes home and realizes there is definetly something not normal going on. goes to cheer practice the next day, and falls to the ground while stunting. yup. sure enough... the next thing, she is in the doctors office with a BROKEN make a long story shorter... the genius doctor... casted her leg wrong, and actually broke it even more... she got it re-casted up to the middle of her thigh... 2 weeks later it was off. not wearing her brace + running from the cops = a sprained ankle and another broken leg. poor girl. bless her little heart :) not to mention, she stuck the floppy side of a fly swatter down her cast to itch... it broke off and she had to get the cast off and yet another cast on hahahahaha. love you brand!!! what would we do without you...

Monday, June 23, 2008

landon earl burr

this strapping young lad happens to be my husband. landon earl burr. i just thought you all should know why i love him so much.....


his laugh
his good attitude
hes such a family guy
his little leg :) haha
his smile
the way he treats me like a queen

hes always making me laugh
how much he loves his mom
the way he looks at me
his style
he always lifts me up
his testimony
just to name a few...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


the rodeo is the best part of the whole celebration. no matter what... you HAVE to go! this year we went with some of our friends...colby and hilary, dani and dez, and ciera and brandt. it was alot of fun :)

up the canyon.....

after hanging out at the burrs... we got kfc and went up the canyon. it was so fun and relaxing. living so close to the mountains i feel like we dont take advantage of it enough. we had a very fun filled week with jodi being in town... im so sad they are leaving, it seems like they just got here. luckily we are going to laguna beach in august so we sill see them soon :) we love you jodi, matt and charlie!!!

strawberry days!!

STRAWBERRY DAYS!! has come and gone... one of my favorite times of year.we had so much fun, im sad to see it be over. the first night we went to the carnival and i got to ride my favorite... the zipper :) 5 times! i felt like a little kid again! we went to the parade and then hung out at the burrs afterwards... which was one of the funniest times i have had in a long time!.......... my little nephew austin, was in the tent that was set up in the back yard... he was smooshing his face against the screen over and over and over and over... me and my mother in law, joyce were dying! joyce had tears dripping down her neck by the time it was over and i nearly peed my pants haha... cute little austin. he is such a hoot lol

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

lunch time

since Landons sister Jodi is in town, we all met for lunch at the noni cafe today. it is sooooo good :) after we ate we all took pictures of the kids out back. it is beautiful back there, and we took alot of good pics. i think its safe to say i have the cutest neices and nephews EVER :)

daddy daughter date

for fathers day, my sister brandie and i decided to take our dad on a date :) so we took him up to the citris grill to eat some food. then we went up to the gateway to go to the U2 lazer show. we were excited cause we had been to the dark side of the moon lazer, lots... but we had never been to the U2 one before. we had so much fun! we got icecream and walked around gateway for a little too. Im so greatful for my dad. he is so fun and selfless, and i could not have asked for a better one :) love you dad!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


so, last weekend we had so much fun! we had so much stuff to do that i thought the whole day was going to be crammed full and annoying. but everything seemed to fit in perfect one after another :)... the morning was pretty much play time... we went swimming at the pg pool, (i freaking love swimming) :)and then just hungout all morning. then the parties started... at 4 oclock... we had landon's grandma hannah's 80th birthday party. then @7 oclock we had our friend katelin's birthday dinner @ the pizza factory, then @ 8 oclock we had our friend tyson and lana's wedding, which was fun, we got to see a bunch of our friends, we never get to see. then... my salon that i work at, had a bbq thing, they bbq hot dogs... which have become known as "salon dogs"... and have a get together for the summerfest. and everyone watches the fireworks. we didnt make it in time for the dogs... but we stopped by to say hello. landons sister jodi is in town, from california with her little boy charlie... so we went to watch the fireworks with all the burrs :) so we had a ton of fun... the only thing that we didnt make time for... is the zipper!!! the best ride on this earth!! but luckily... next week is strawberry days, and it will be there :) so i wasnt too heart broken.... haha well that was our weekend all summed up. now... i cant wait for strawberry days!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


so..... i finally figured this dang thing out!! i think i might be retarded a little bit .... but i did it. yahoo! haha so we have finally joined the blogging world. :)