Sunday, July 26, 2009

summer fun

so i know i have kinda been slackin it up on my bloggin lately. so heres a few of the things that have been keepin us busy this summer...

LAGOON. havent been for years. i forgot how much fun this place is.

anyone wanna sit on this fence???? just wondering.....;)

first we hear some high pitched shreeling screeching noises... flapping, banging...what the??? then BAMM!!!!!... BIRD flying around our house!! not to mention the POOP he decided to leave everywhere then tried to peck its way out our window! poor thing. he must have been petrified!! DANG BIRD.

REGGAE FEST. in park city. so fun. we met the lead singer from the dirty heads. he was great.

snowbird. love this place. my parents have a time share up there so we spent the week horseback riding, hiking, layin out by the pool...

my goofy dad. gotta love him :)

and last but most definetly not least. lake powell. the greatest place on earth. could live there no doubt in my mind.

Monday, July 20, 2009


karrie and baby cash

so...we headed out towards the salt flats and whether we ended up there or not haha. i absolutely love how these turned out. all we knew, was keep drivin til you see white!... ??? but we had so much fun taking these. and karrie i just pray im as cute as you when im 9 months pregnant!!!