Saturday, March 7, 2009


this little boy was so cute. he did awesome and has the prettiest big blue eyes!


so i havent posted any pics ive taken in awhile... so there will be alot in the next little bit lol... but this cute thing is emma. she is 3. and was NOT excited about getting her pictures taken!! but we got some pretty cute ones considering she was running around the whole time not wanting a thing to do with me!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


yup im 23 ladies and gentlemen!! wierd... so, for my birthday land took me to lunch at los 3 amigos... and surprised me with a new camera! which i LOVE :) then i went into the salon for a couple hours, and my mom surprised me at work with balloons and my favorite treat... an apple pie carmel apple from rocky mountain. i have the cutest mom ever :) my family also knew that i have been wanting a torquise bracelet FOREVER. and surprised me with one!! and also a new lens for my camera. my day was full of surprises and so much fun :)

then, my family took me out to dinner, we went to my favorite restaurant tepanyaki. then to the movie confessions of a shopaholic...

i love birthdays :) now...if any of you know my sister, you will love this story. well, at tepanyaki... the cook always throws shrimp at you, and you catch it in your mouth... well... my sisters turn came around and the shrimp came flying at her and landed right in her eye ball!!! we were laughing sooo hard. poor poor brandie. if it happens... it happens to her . love you brand :) ps... if she knew i posted this pic she'd kill me so lets keep this our little secret ;) haha

Monday, March 2, 2009

2 years!!

wow... 2 years has flown by!! we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary... we take turns surprising eachother, and this year was my turn to plan the surprise ... so i planned our whole weekend out perfectly... i was so excited and i thought land would have no idea what so ever what we were going to do. but...... he guessed every single part of it. PERFECTLY. that devil always ruins his surprsies!!! haha its ok though... i still love ya land :) and we had sooo much fun. we had dinner at the melting pot... spent the night in a hotel in slc, then drove to one of our favorite places. lava hot springs. we spent all day in the hot pools. then just drove home that night. soooooooooooo fun.