Thursday, February 19, 2009

happy vday :)

first of all... landon handmade this frame... and had this picture of our wedding blown up for me :) how cute is that?? i LOVE it. and for valentines we went to vegas! so fun :) we went with our friends stayton and ashley... we were driving all night of valentines, so our gems for husbands made us candlelight dinner on the road! heart shaped calzones and martinellis :)... we LOVED it. then in vegas... we shopped, hot tubbed, ate lots food, shopped some more, road the new york new york roller coaster, and shopped some more... our husbands didnt love the shopping so much ha... sorry guys ;)... we also got to hang out with our friends tyson and lana who live in vegas... so it was a good weekend and a fun little trip! we hate coming home!!!!

snowshoeing in the dark...

so, we planned a date night with our friends nicole and abe. we went to dinner at the bangkok grill(the BEST place ever i might add...), went out for rootbeer bawls, then decided to go up to abe's house in sundance and go night snowshoeing. so we get all bundled up and start the hike. about 45 minutes into the deep dark forest... we come across COUGAR tracks. (a fresh one too...) yikes!! we were freaking out! we kept hearing noises in the bushes and the boys kept makin us go deeper into the cougar infested woods.....luckily... my tears of fright dried.. and we made it home safe and sound... so other than the fact we could have been eaten... it was alot of fun!! ha. so if you ever decide to snow shoe in the dark... make sure you bring a weapon. ;)


so..... we finally got to go boarding! my sister came with us and we had so much fun :) we loooove park city.