Monday, September 29, 2008


on sunday we went up the af canyon in the jeep and my parents rode the shadow. it is soooooo great up there right now. i LOVE the fall

Thursday, September 18, 2008

o the memories............

everyone think of their favorite, funnest, funniest, scariest or whatever... memory you have with me, landon... or the both of us. and post it on our comments :) then post this on your blog and see what people say about you.... ffffuuuuuuunnnnnnn :) haha

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

india fest.

this last weekend i MADE landon let us go to the india fest. and he was not too happy about it at first haha but it was actually really cool. and he didnt hate it as much as he thought he was going to either. there was dancing, and fireworks and llamas :) lol... the temple is not what i expected inside though... but it was fun to experience another culture for a night. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

go byu

we rode the scoot and my dad and sis rode the shadow. a good time was the result, and the game was hhhooottt. but happy day as we all came to find. if your on the cougars side that is.

cabin once again :)

this time instead of 4 wheeling, we went boating... in our hoodies, sweats and blankets! it was ffffrrreeezzziiinnngggg. but still.... so fun :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


and again.... andrea tagged me and i didnt even see it. so here it is... its just a baby one :)

3 JOYS: landon, doing hair, making people smile
3 FEARS: alone in the dark, public speaking, fire (my house burning down)
3 GOALS: build a full clientel, buy a home, have children
3 OBSESSIONS: boots, antique jewelry, pictures
3 RANDOM FACTS: my BIG toe has no nail :(, i have to fill gas up on #5 pump ALWAYS, i LOVE shrimp.


8 things...

so ciera tagged me and i promised her id do it. so here we go...


1: my lovely husband
2: my family, and landons family
3: the gospel
4: doing hair
5: antique jewelry
6: boots
7: taking pictures
8: babies


1: blast
2: dang devil
3: remember when...
4: uh... i cant think of anymore sorry haha


1: travel the world
2: have llllooonnngg hair :)
3: have a six pack
4: have 5 babies
5: own hundreds of homes all over this earth :) haha
6: make ammends with all my enemies from the past
7: live in the mountains for a period of time
8: help children around world.


1: landon to be happy always
2: my family, landons family
3: my brother. elder frampton
4: all the other missionaries out there.
5: to see success in my work, landons work and his school.
6: good weather.
7: peace
8: health


1: be happy :) let the little things slide
2: karma is true... be good to it
3: learn from other peoples mistakes
4: family is EVERYTHING
5: all people seem to care about is money now days:(
6: ignore "me" monsters
7: the grass is always greener on the otherside. count your blessings instead of lookin over the fence all the dang time.
8: i have the best husband in the world.

now i tag.... court, and hil

Thursday, September 4, 2008


we went and stayed in a condo up at snowbird for the weekend. it was oktoberfest... we went hiking... swam... and sat by the river for hours,(my most favorite thing to do :) we had alot of fun...

family lovin

so.... for my grandma and grandpa framptons 50th anniversary year, they wanted to take all the family up to midway. we stayed in the homestead, golfed, went to the alpine slide, shopped the outlets, and swam the nights away. soooooo fun. also... my cousin cole was in town... (the picture number 1)... he is currently living in new york for time being for school, lucky little devil. but i love this mountain man. and am so grateful he could come home for the midway trip. :)

babies babies babies

so these precious things are the 2 newest additions to the family. baby number 1 would be sophia faith... landons brother robby and his lovely wife courtney's baby. which is just a week old in this pic. and baby number 2 is paisley j... our cousins clay and natalies baby. 2 months old in this pic. looooovvvvee them. love babies.

sheryl crow.

sheryl crow... my love. usana amphitheatre. best concert ever ever ever. james blunt opened, and is fabulous as well. just my mom, sister and i went and we had a grand time. :)