Tuesday, October 28, 2008

byu ...........................

byu game once again.... our friends broch and millie joined us this time on the scoot and the motorcycle... :)fun times. but this game i was roasting! boots, pants, coat, sweater vest... dont mix well with 90 degree weather... o man.

bunco !!!

so i recently joined a bunco group... yup i sew, and i play bunco, im pretty much an old lady :) but i love it, these girls are alot of fun and we had our halloween night a few weeks ago. it was super fun...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

my cute sister :)

so... my little sister let me take some pictures of her earlier today... so that i could try some new things with my camera... and i think im finally starting to get the hang of it a little better now. we were just goofin off, takin pictures next to this bar in pleasant grove... and these 2 old guys came out side (i think they were the owners) and invited us in! haha. so brand played a song for all the people inside the bar, then they offered us drinks!! haha we politely declined and my sister admited to being only 16 so, they laughed and kicked us out. haha we thought it was pretty funny.

Monday, October 6, 2008

paisley j hooley

so..... a long time ago my lovely father, knew how much i love taking pictures. and surprised me with a camera which i love so much, just never have the time to use it really. but a couple of months ago i took some pics of my cousins cute cute baby. i finally tried out editing them and these are some of my favorites. im just a beginner so hopefully i'll have some more to show as i practice more and more. but i thought they turned out pretty cute :)