Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Heehaws is my new favorite place. EVER. van LOVE LOVE LLOOVVEEEDD it. everything about it.......

Except maybe the pumpkin patch.......

and the pig carts.... he didnt quite know what to think about them...;)

this was on friday.... were going again today:) and maybe tomorrow... and maybe the next day:) ha

Sunday, October 9, 2011

witches palooza!

girls night out to gardners village. sooo fun to dress up and get out a the house. we sure did miss ya though...brandie and aubs!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

happy 44 grandma!

today is my cute moms 44th birthday:) Van and I went to surprise her at work with some baloons and her favorite treats. Happy bday mom we love you!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


yay! i think im finally updated for the most part! that took far too much work for my liking;)

girls trip;)

so a couple weekends ago a couple of my girlfriends and i decided to rally up the children and take a little girls trip to st george.sooooooooooo fun.





the whole crew...van,me,cash,karrie,tasha,payden,millie,apollo.

tub time:)

splash pad.

wheres your dimples????:)

laughing at paco aka apollo;)


poor kids were pooped. they slept the ENTIRE way home. what good boys we have:)


we first had to say goodbye to brade and aubs... then only one day later, off to california to drop off dear brandie back to school. so we invited my gram along:) she is the life of the party and we love her o so much:) so glad she could come...
to start off the trip we stayed a night in st george and went to grease at the tuacahn....

we had to take van to the daycare they had there and we were o so sad... we missed his stinkin guts. they gave us a little buzzer so if they needed me i was only a buzz away:) also they had little tvs so you can scan your buzzer and see what your kid is up to when your not around:) best invention EVER. I ENJOYED WATCHING VAN MORE THAN THE SHOW!! he sat in this stroller while some kid in a flouescent green jacket put on a show for him! he was flappin his arms and spinning in circles and van just sat and stared at the kid haha i loved it.

then in vegas we stopped at our all time favorite restaurant. THE BRIO. soooo yum.

we found a new"keep your kid quiet at dinner game";)if all else fails dump a sugar packet on the table and let them lick away!haha (a clean table of coarse;)...)

in cali we went to dinner at bjs...and HAD to have a pazookie. YUUUUUM.
well since we chose to wait for the cookie covered in deliciousness, we got back to the hotel to find the hot tubs had closed. we decided to asked the front desk if they would let us in for just a minute... they said YES!
We were sooooo excited. We ran to the elevator to go get changed... we met a man in this beloved elevator. My dear gram says to him..."wanna come swimming??! theyre letting us in special!! we had to have a cookie!!!" he just stares at us all laughing our butts off like were drunkin fools. :) love my gram.

the next day... LAGUNA!!:)

My bestie ciera came and met up with us :) so happy we get to see eachother so often while living so far apart.

then the goodbye came:( atleast we got to end her summer break with a GREAT trip. love you brandie boo ill miss you!!