Monday, November 15, 2010


my baby brother... engaged. nuts!
good thing i LOVE this little lady;)
funny story... i have actually been doing her hair for the
past couple years. i always told her when my brother got home
from his mission, i was gonna get them TOGETHER.
well... he came home... and i didnt even have to.
they met through friends and had their first date at the
strawberry days RODEO.
have been together everyday since.
they are tyin the knot dec. 29th.
so we are in rush mode to get everything ready for thier BIG day :)
this weekend Brade had his last home football game at snow college...
so we went down to ephraim to watch. on the way home stopped at the mall
and picked up some new getups for their engagement session.
went home and to get aubs roots done;) and were doin hair til 130 am.
next afternoon headed out to take some photos.
this is one of my FAVORITES. just a sneak peak for now...
are they not THE MOST ADORABLE couple ever??
congrats you two little LOVE BIRDS ;)