Sunday, August 17, 2008

slightly stoopid baby.

SLIGHTLY STOOPID.for those losers out there who have never heard them. haha check em out. they are one of my favorite bands ever. my little sister and i went up to the great saltair to see them play on thursday. this was prob my 5 or 6 time seeing them. theyre shows are always so much fun. it was a blast...we had a ton of fun together. and we even got to meet kyle. he plays the guitar and sings for them. it was kinda funny cause i just turned around, and there he was. so i bolted over there... then my mind froze. the only thing it could think of to say, was hi. then i just stood there haha. luckily the little sis jumped in and saved my life, asked him how many openers there was til them, so i didnt look like the biggest idiot on this earth haha. o man im such a dork baha.

summer shows

i love the summertime... my sister always has tons of shows during the summer. this one was in alpine... at their city celebration. so fun


so our annual laguna beach trip fell through this year :( we were all pretty bummed. but instead we took a little trip to park city... it was alot of fun... we went with all of landons family and just hung out, went swimming and went to outlets. fun fun times.